Friday, May 31, 2019

week 8

What's left to do.
I have the front and the middle attached now, and the steering works, all I need is to attach the gear shift and the rear steering and add the cab. I don't NEED chailers because that's not actually part of my passion project, but I really want some, I want a tipper, and a manure spreader like the one in this picture, not sure how to do that.

week 7

What I have done.
As of now I have the front and the middle axles built, I have the pivoting steering attached, I just need to attach the front and the middle, and I can proceed to the gear shifting, then get the rear steering, once that's done I can add the little arm in the back. I'm hoping that I can make a few charlers for the tractor, it already has a cultivator/plow attachment.

week 6

Well I Think It's A Tractor.
Didn't get a lot done this week, but I think I now no how to build this tractorish vehicule thing.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Week 5

Bad news.
Unfortunately the crane I wish to build is not possible for me to build. The crane arm is to heavy for my two pneumatic pistons to lift, and I don't have the required number of motors to do all the things I need to do.
Good news.
I have an idea that I have already started, and it is 100% doable! It will be a tractor like vehicle. It will have a little arm like the image on the left, and its steering will be based of the image on the right.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Week 4

Pneumatic Pistons Hook Up.
I finally got the pneumatic pistons hooked up, after 2-4 hours of fiddling with the hook up I cam up with a relatively small air pump destine, it could still use some small tweaks, but I have got it hooked up to electric switches now so the pump does not pump to much, and so I do not strip any gears.
I have the crane arm on two BIG pneumatic pistons. It all works fin, except for the fact that the crane arm sits to flat, and the pistons will not lift it, until it is about 10 degrees up. So that needs to be fixed, and other then that I think the arm is done except for the swiveling of the arm, I will hook that up when I get to the part when I attach the crane arm. But until then I am out.

Week 3

Starting to build.
I have finally started to build my crane! I was planing to take a video of me building the crane, but it would take to long to watch, and unfortunately I could not download an app to speed up the video. :'(
I started with the arm of the crane, hopefully that was not a mistake. I'm planing on adding the pneumatic pistons soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Week 2

What I hope to achieve.
I want to build a Lego "crane" I say "crane" because it a special crane, this is not an ordinary crane you would see at a construction site. This crane is going to be huge! Its going to have a fold up crane arm (Hopefully)power functions) for safer transport. This crane, as mentioned before will have out riggers. These out riggers will be power functions as well as the crane arm, and hopefully I could simply flick a switch, and have the out riggers pop out of the crane.  The crane will have 3 sets of dollies, and a double turning axle.(might not have driving power in the turning axles).